Filippo Brass

An expert in high net worth individual assistance, Filippo Brass advises on the tax optimization of estate planning, transfers of businesses, lifetime asset transfers and ownership structures, with prior expertise in foundations, financial and insurance products.

He works on succession strategies for private wealth (generational change, proactive management of assets, control of financial affairs, and current and future tax exposure analysis).

Filippo also has experience providing advice on the tax structuring of charities and other non-profit bodies, and on the tax issues associated with the acquisition, holding and sale of cultural assets and works of art. He also provides administrative, fiscal and accountancy consulting and auditing, especially for non-profit organizations or private foundations and charities, such as public museums and ecclesiastical organizations.

He advises on matters including sales of companies, negotiation of agreements, businesses plan, corporate assessments and extraordinary transactions, both in corporate and fiscal law and contracts.

He is a member of boards of directors and acts as an internal auditor of companies.

Education: MA Degree in Business and Economics from the Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Languages: English, Italian native speaker

Role: Partner

Qualification: Chartered Accountant and Auditor


Office: Venice