Emanuele Sacchetto

Emanuele specializes in assisting national and international companies, in judicial and out-of-court activity, on industrial and intellectual property law matters (with specific reference to trademarks, patents, copyright, designs and domain names), as well as unfair competition matters.

In particular, he provides advice on the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights (aimed at the registration of the IP rights or their protection, even before national courts, against illicit use), also providing assistance with the drafting of contracts concerning industrial and intellectual property rights (such as transfer, license and coexistence agreements).

He has also acquired experience in advertising and food law, advising various companies in the prior assessment of their advertising campaigns, slogans, pay-offs and labels, so that they comply with the requirements of the relevant legislations (including those protecting consumers) and do not infringe any prior rights of third parties. He also deals with issues relating to the protection of PDOs and PGIs and possible conflicts with geographical trademarks.

He also assists various clients in art law matters, ranging from sector-specific contracts to copyright issues as well as issues relating to the originality of works of art and the unlawful use of cultural heritage for commercial purposes.

Emanuele has also experience in the protection of the image and name of celebrities, assisting them in litigation against their unauthorized use.

Education: Università degli Studi di Torino, Law Degree; Université de Genève, Certificate in Transnational Law

Languages: English, French, Italian native speaker

Role: Senior Associate

Qualification: Lawyer

Email: emanuele.sacchetto@it.Andersen.com

Office: Turin