Andrea Frangipane

Andrea Frangipane has experience in legal and judicial assistance relating to proceedings in civil matters, both in the jurisdictional and extra-jurisdictional areas (Alternative dispute resolution).

Specialized in particular in the field of corporate litigation, he still deals with all disputes that arise from contractual and negotiable relationships in general (contracts, sales, mandates, agency contracts, etc.) and non-contractual (compensation actions for road accidents, for unfair competition, etc.), as well as those concerning real rights (property, easements, etc.).

He has regularly gained numerous experiences in possessing proceedings, generally protected, also in industrial matters (trademarks and patents), and in summary proceedings for preventive technical assessment and for eviction validation, also for commercial leases.

Possibly hire individuals and companies for debt collection, both in the judicial phase and in the subsequent executive phase (foreclosures, securities, with third parties, etc.), up to, eventually, the declaration of bankruptcy of the debtor.

Finally, he has recently studied and studied the subject of food law and the wine sector legislation, for which he has already been appointed by an important association of entrepreneurs in the sector.

Education: Law Degree, from the University of Brescia

Languages: Spanish, Italian native speaker

Role: Partner

Qualification: Lawyer


Office: Brescia