Alessandro Moretti

Alessandro advises distressed enterprises in the preparation for liquidation procedures and bankruptcy proceedings. He also has extensive experience in wealth management support.

As a strategic and operational restructuring adviser, Alessandro examines all the restructuring alternatives available and considers the processes, procedures, plans and performance of the company.

He works with businesses to develop an action plan aimed at building upon its strengths, embracing opportunities, addressing weaknesses and mitigating against the risk of the threats. He also advises on suitable internal and external communications strategies to help ensure restructuring progress as smoothly as possible.

Alessandro also works on out-of-court restructuring for debtors and analyzes the situation in order to determine the feasibility of staying out of bankruptcy. He also negotiates with creditors and works out payment plans for each creditor.

With court-supervised restructuring for the debtor, he pursues restructuring within the protective provisions of the bankruptcy law and creates a detailed plan to include regulators, shareholders, employees, vendors and clients. He also secures financing, establishes the company’s new vision and builds creditor consensus around the chosen exit strategy.

With wealth management, Alessandro advises on all aspects of the process including the ongoing monitoring of performance. He manages and protects integrated family wealth through the generational transition and provides investment management, distribution, and various investor support services.

He is the coordinator of the European region of the project “The Bridge Africa-Europe”: a cooperation project between African and European professionals with the aim of supporting economic relations between companies on both continents and giving rise to forms of joint venture or investment. Participants in the project are Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Italy.

Education: MA Degree in Business and Economics, University of Pavia

Languages: English, Italian native speaker

Role: Partner

Qualification: Chartered Accountant and Auditor


Office: Milan