Phase 2 in Lombardy Region

With Regional Ordinance no. 547 dated May 17th, 2020, Lombardy region adopted specific urgent measures in order to hinder and restrain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Italian region which has been mostly affected by the spread of the virus.

The document shows the intention of Lombardy to give high attention to the containment of the virus and therefore specifies that regarding economic activities, the reopening – which in any case has to comply with appropriate organizational measures – has to be considered as a test.

The provisions of the Ordinance shall be in force from May 18th, 2020 till May 31st, 2020, except the establishing of more restrictions if the daily monitoring of the virus shows critical spread.


Further information on Phase 2 in the Lombardy and guidelines of the region for the reopening of economic and productive activities in the attached circular.