Mirai and Shorai scenarios for companies future

Marco Giorgi, expert Partner in comparative company law, Japanese law and head of the Japan Desk for the firm, will have a speech during the conference titled  Il futuro del mondo dell’impresa. Etica, responsabilità sociale e sostenibilità (March 5), that is part of the series of events Mirai/Shorai cinque incontri su futuri possibili organized in collaboration with the Japanese Cultural Institute in Rome.

Marco will analyze the future business scenarios both from a sociological and a legislative point of view supported by Tsuchiya Junji, professor of sociology for Waseda University. The meeting will be a cultural mediation opportunity to debate on the different perception of the future for the Japanese culture, which distinguishes the immediate future (translated with the word shorai) from all the actions put in place for a real development (translated to the term mirai).