Marco Giorgi, Delegate of the Rome Bar Association, in Tokyo for an important agreement

Representing the Rome Bar Association, Marco Giorgi, Partner of Andersen, was sent to Japan for signing a deal with the Tokyo Bar Association, that marks a turning point in cooperation between professional Orders.

Attorneys in Italy and Japan make the first step to increase the chances of representing clients in foreign jurisdictions and to strengthen the professional exchange between members of the two Forensic Orders. In fact, it has just ratified a protocol of friendship between the Rome Bar Association and the Tokyo Bar Association.

Marco Giorgi, Delegate of the President of the Rome Bar Association, represented the Order at the World City Bar Leaders Conference in 2017 (Tokyo, September 27-30, 2017), the World Bar Association’s World Order Attorneys Conference organized by the Tokyo Bar Association. During this meeting, the agreement between the two professional Orders was finalized, meeting the ever-increasing need of professionals to assist national clients in foreign jurisdictions.