LLM & MLST Master and educational programs at the University of San Francisco

All Andersen Global professionals around the world can attend one of the University of San Francisco School of Law (USF) Masters degrees for free. This opportunity is the result of an agreement that has been renewed over the years between Andersen and the USF to attend courses – online, for all those who are not in San Francisco – to obtain a Master’s degree in taxation.

Two, the educational paths: Master of Laws in Taxation (LLM) and Master of Legal Studies in Taxation (MLST). Both Master’s degrees represent an exceptional opportunity for second-level training to improve their skills in US taxation.


Training has always been one of Andersen Global’s priorities and we believe that exceptional customer service comes from the professionalism and high-level training of our employees.

By combining industry knowledge with trends and best practices, Andersen Global provides a multifaceted approach to the learning and development of its professionals. In addition to office learning, those who work for the Firm can benefit from national and international training sessions.

Aside to technical training on participants’ areas of expertise, there are also courses for all levels of experience aimed at enhancing soft skills, such as effective communication, resilience, ability to work by objectives, team-work aptitude, time management and stress management.


In addition to these training, eligible employees have the opportunity to take one of the online or live classroom masters courses (for participants in the San Francisco office) organized by the University of San Francisco. A program takes place over seven weeks, outside of typical tax work seasons, to be specifically tailored to the Firm’s employees.
The project was piloted some time ago in the United States and has been extended in recent years to all the Firms that are part of Andersen Global.