Law Decree Ristori – New emergency income measures

Families that had already benefited from the Emergency Income (so-called “Rem”) referred to in Article 23, paragraph 1, of Law Decree no. 104 of 14 August 2020, converted by Law no. 126 of 13 October 2020, shall be granted the same share also for November and December 2020.

The Rem is also recognized, for November and December 2020, to families who satisfy the following requirements:

  1. a family income value, in September 2020, lower than the benefit limit;
  2. absence in the family nucleus of members who receive or have received one of the benefits mentioned in article 15 of the Law Decree no. 137/2020;
  3. the possession of the requirements provided by paragraphs 2, letters a), c) and d), 2-bis and 3, of article 82 of Law Decree no. 34 of 2020.

The application to receive the quotas of Rem is submitted to INPS by November 30, 2020, through a special form that will be prepared by the same Institute.

Cecilia Breviglieri