Law Decree n. 119 October 23rd 2018: facilitated tax arrears definition and tax simplification provisions

On October 23rd 2018 the Law Decree n. 119/2018 (Urgent provisions on fiscal and financial matters) was published in the Official Gazette – General Series n. 247, and it is in force since October 24th 2018.

Among the main changes there are measures concerning:

  • “fiscal pacification” (facilitated definition of tax audit reports; facilitated definition of the charges entrusted to the collection agent until December 31, 2017; complete cancellation of debts up to 1,000 Euro charged to the collection agent from 2000 to 2010; facilitated definition of pending tax disputes; facilitated definition procedure reserved for amateur sports associations and clubs; provision of a “special supplementary declaration”); and of
  • “tax simplification” (simplification for electronic invoicing; simplification with regard to the issuance of invoices, simplification in the matter of registration of invoices issued; simplification in terms of registration of purchases and deduction of VAT; obligation to store and electronic transmit of daily compensation).

With regard to the violations relating to income and assets held abroad, it should be noted that calls for cross-examination proceedings, notices of deficiency and deeds of definition of taxes issued as part of the voluntary disclosure procedure are excluded from the scope of the fiscal pacification (both the first version pursuant to Law 186/2014 and the second ex Law Decree 193/2016).

Given the relevance and the upcoming deadlines, also in terms of payment, concerning the issues pointed out in this circular, Clients are invited to contact Andersen & Legal Italia at their earliest convenience.


Read the complete Law Decree n. 119/2018 here.