July 31 st 2019: Deadline for the payment of the first or only rate of “Rottamazione – ter”

The taxpayers who on 30 April had adhered to the preferential definition, provided by the tax-related to budget law DL 119/2018, by the date of 31 July will have to pay the first or only installment provided for by the plan.

The taxpayers shall pay the remaining debt free of penalty and default interest, alternatively:

  • in a single solution by 31 July;
  • in a maximum of 18 installments, the first by 31 July 2019, the second by November 2019, and the following in February, May, July and November of each year from 2020.

In the event of failure, insufficient or late payment of even a single installment among those provided for in the plan, determines the ineffectiveness of the definition facilitated; In such a case, the debt may no longer be rescheduled and the International revenue service collection division will be responsible for resuming the recovery of the sums.

Payment must be made alternatively:

  • at its own bank;
  • at the counter (ATM);
  • by using its Internet – Banking;
  • to post offices;
  • through the sisal and lottomatic circuits;
  • on the portal of the Revenue Agency;
  • with the Equiclick application via the PagoPa platform.