Interview RaiNews24 on cryptocurrencies

Sabrina Caporale, Partner of Andersen, in the interview with RaiNews24 deals with the issue of cryptocurrencies, following the important indications contained in a response to an interpellation issued by the Revenue Agency (Dre Lombardia)

Caporale explains how the financial administration has assimilated cryptocurrencies to foreign currencies and, consequently, according to this approach must be indicated in the RW Framework of the tax declaration if held through non-resident intermediaries, in compliance with the tax monitoring obligations regulations. Furthermore, the sale of cryptocurrencies can generate different income that must be indicated in the RT Framework.

Caporale then makes an excursus on the changes in the tax declaration 2018, from the pre-filled Model 730 to the so-called “tourist” leases, to the accommodation costs of the off-campus students.