How benefit corps could improve a sustainable economy

Social innovation and sustainable business are the main topics of the congress Riflessioni sull’economia sostenibile: opportunità e criticità, where Paolo Trevisanato, Chartered Accountant and partner at Andersen, participates as speaker analyzing the so-called Società Benefit (benefit corps). The event – Verona, 5th of November – has been organized by the Commission of Corporate Law and extraordinary operations ODCEC of Verona.

The social and environmental scenarios encourage the redefinition of new ways of doing business. Several studies show that pursuing profit goals while having a positive impact on society and on biosphere is a factor of success and innovation. Although promoting a sustainable economy often involves a greater commitment for companies, the adopted strategies offer many advantages not only for the community but also for the production process.

During the event Riflessioni sull’economia sostenibile: opportunità e criticità, which could be attended also by the citizens, some workshops will be carried out. Among them, Società Benefit B Corp aims to examine the opportunity of companies to take the qualification of Benefit corps. Thanks to this title, for-profit businesses could bring about common benefits, both for society and the environment, by operation responsively due to sustainable processes. The aim of common benefit should be balanced between the profit purpose and the positive effects on the local community or the reduction of the negative effects caused by the corporate activity.

Trevisanato‘s speech will show the accountability of the Benefit corps (also with reference to its possible qualification as an integral part of the financial statements) and the tax aspects to be considered. As an expert of charity and non-profit organizations, he also provides some indications to chose the external evaluation standard and the internal controls to be carried out so as to monitor the positive impact generated.

Emanuele Cusa, Associate Professor of Commercial Law at University Bicocca and Maurizio Zordan, ZORDAN s.r.l. CEO take part in the workshop.