Global Transfer Pricing Insights: key issues and current state of transfer pricing management

The application of transfer pricing continues to intensify around the world and tax administrations continue to review their international tax law rules, in coordination with various supranational organizations, resulting in a potential shift in related-party transaction policies that will affect all companies in their international business.

Andersen Global’s international Transfer Pricing team maintains a firm commitment to accompany clients in their development by offering a transnational perspective of tax regulations and transfer pricing rules worldwide.

It has therefore launched the first edition of the Andersen Global Transfer Pricing Insights, a document that includes detailed information on the current state of art in transfer pricing, and provides useful insights for taxpayers for the purpose of safeguarding their position with respect to the policies applied with related parties in countries of Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and India, identifying the main problems for each jurisdiction.

Stefano Rossi, the Italian partner expert at TP, analyzes all these points from the Italian point of view.


Below you can view and download the full report.

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