Covid-19 health passes mandatory for workers

Italy has become the first European country to make COVID-19 health passes mandatory for all workers.

The Italian government approved a new measure (the text of Decree-Law no. 127 of September 21, 2021 was published in Official Gazette no. 226 of September 21, 2021). that makes digital vaccine certificates – GREEN PASS – compulsory for both public and private sectors.

As of October 15, 2021, and until December 31, 2021 (for now set date as end of the state of emergency) any person engaged in an occupation in the private or public sector is required, for the purpose of access to places where the aforementioned activity is carried out, to possess and exhibit, upon request, the Covid-19 green certification.

This provision does not affect those exempts from the vaccination campaign on the basis of appropriate medical certification.

Employers have to define the operating procedures that needs to be applied within the working places and communicate it to the workers, so when and where they will be checked and who will be the person or persons responsible for controlling.

The government approved those systems for controls

In case the employee refuse to present the green pass, he is not allowed to access the workplace, but the employer must guarantee that he/she will remain enforce, in this case the employee will be subject to a not-paid absence till December 31st.

Penalties provided:

  • For Employees that access the workplace without the green pass there will be a sanction from 600 – to 1500 euros (doubled in case of recidivism)
  • For Employers that fail to carry out the necessary checks, there will be a sanction from 400 to 1000 Euros (doubled in case of recidivism)