Contributions granted after covid emergency

Subsidies granted and disbursed to companies and self-employed persons by a Province do not have tax relevance, even if given and paid after the conclusion of the Covid-19 state of emergency, ordered by the Council of Ministers on 31 March 2022.
This was clarified by the Revenue Agency responding to interpello n. 516 on 18 October 2022.
The doubt had emerged in the istance because the Ristori Decree granted economic benefits for activities carried out by 31 March 2022.
The Revenue Agency clarified, by virtue of Art. 10 bis of the Ristori Decree (Decree-Law 137/2020), the contributions of any nature, exceptionally distributed due to Covid-19 pandemic and different from those previously existing, by whomever they are distributed, to subjects engaged in business, art or professional activities and self-employed workers continue not having tax relevance for income tax and regional income tax (IRAP), and articles n. 61 and 109, paragraph 5, of the income tax consolidation act (TUIR), even though they are conceded and paid after the 31st of March 2022, date in which the state of emergency ends.
The purpose of the facilitation is providing support to enterprises and self-employed workers operating in economic sectors particularly damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic.