Conference on the ruling on big investments in Italy

On November 10, Andersen organizes with IPSOA Training School and SUPSI Ticino Training School, a conference on the ruling on big investments in Italy.

Andersen tax experts together with Italian Revenue Agency officials will illustrate tax instruments, operational aspects, and future development of the ruling on new big investment plans – according to Article nr. 2 of D.Lgs 147/2015 – that wants to ensure the investor about the tax profile of the investment, neutralizing any fiscal uncertainty.

The “advance tax ruling” program enables large companies that want to make new investments in Italy, to obtain a preventative opinion on its tax treatment. The investor, either resident or non-resident, shall forward his application to the Italian Revenue Agency presenting a business plan, detailing the amount of the investment, the timing and implementation modalities, the expected number of new hires and the consequences of such investment on the Italian tax system. The procedure applies to investments of not less than €30 million.

From 2.30pm to 6.30pm at Starhotel Ritz (via Spallanzani 40, Milan). Subscriptions with the form attached and on IPSOA website.