Ciro Serio advises on cinema tax credit during AGICI masterclass

The Independent Cine-Audiovisual Industries General Association (AGICI), which represents the needs of Italian independent producers, distributors and technical industries, organizes a masterclass to analyze all the aspects of cinema tax credit.

The event receives the patronage of Impresa Cultura Italia (ConfCommercio) and of AGIS, the Italian General Association of Show Business.

On Friday 31, Ciro Serio, lawer with deep expertise in national and international fiscal topics and expert in cinema tax credit, member of the international advisor group of Andersen for the audiovisual industry, examines the opportunities given by cinema tax credit, which will support the investments in the movie production by companies not working in the audiovisual industry.

May 30 – 31

Location: ConfCommercio, Piazza Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, 2 – Rome