Andrea Savino’s speech at the conference “Taxation and transnationality between present and future”

The conference Taxation and Transnationality Between Present and Future offers an overview of taxation in the globalized world and the impact of new technologies.

The recent health emergency has accelerated the internationalization of professional relationships, encouraging cross-border transactions even through virtual channels. Therefore, there is a need for a rethinking of economic relations while considering national taxation and the freedom to manage one’s activities globally.

The talk by Andrea Savino, a member of Andersen specializing in tax and corporate consulting, will focus on the analysis of the role of the professional in supporting companies in international taxation, starting from the peculiarities of the profession and ending with an overview of the main areas of possible intervention.

Taxation and Transnationality Between Present and Future

Tuesday, September 27 | 15.00 – 18.00


The event will be accessed through the restricted area of the portal