Andersen at the Tax Law Master of Gruppo 24 Ore: Di Salvo lecturer

On July 18, Maurizio Di Salvo is being lecturer at the 23rd Tax Law Master at the Gruppo 24 Ore Business School.

Within the set of lessons on Debt Collection and Taxation Process, Andersen’s professional, practitioner in domestic and international tax and tax disputes, is talking about aspects related to the preliminary examination of appeal, suspension, interruption and extinction of the trial, dispute settlement and finally judgment.

Di Salvo – Certified Accountant and Lawyer, who has obtained a LL.M. in international taxation at the Institute of Prof. Michael Lang in Vienna – is the author of numerous publications on national (WKI) and international (Linde, SUPSI) tax issues and has been lecturer at the full time Tax Law Master at the Gruppo 24 Ore Business School for several editions.