Andersen takes part in the SATEC 2022 Convention “Nautical: a supply chain industry”

The conference “Nautical: a supply chain industry” under the SATEC 2022 Convention organized by Confindustria Nautica held on May 21 was the opportunity to reflect on the challenges of the potential of the boating industry in Italy.

Andersen’s Turin based partner Giorgio Faroti intervened on the development contracts of the MiSE, intended to facilitate investments by major companies and small companies in the sector.

“The development contract – he explained – it is the main facilitating instrument that aims to support investments of at least 20 million euros for industrial development, development for environmental protection, development of tourist activities. It can be carried out by a single entity or by a group of companies through a network contract. Development contracts provide for concessions that depend on the type of project: development, research or innovation. Further bonuses are envisaged if an SME is included in the project. Then there is the Innovation Agreement which represents a facilitating instrument dedicated to supporting investments of smaller dimensions than those included in the development contract regarding industrial research and experimental development aimed at the creation of new products, processes or services of SMEs ”.

The convention was an opportunity to address various aspects related to the development of the nautical sector, with a focus on tools to support productive investments, technological development of new motorization and mobility, accessibility to the sea for social boating, and the reform of the maritime domain.