Andersen participates in the BIE Expo

Andersen is helding specialized fiscal and legal seminars at BIE Brescia Industrial Exhibition 2017, focused on the precision mechanics sector (machines tools; automation and industrial robots; machine and equipment for forging, for casting and die casting, for treatments and finishes; materials; metrology; presses; auxiliary plants; CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM systems; treatments and finishes; molds and equipment; assembly and mountings; prototyping).

The professionals Andersen will focus on:

  • Plan and manage generational succession in ongoing businesses: pointing out how the role of family tradition can became a critical or success factor for the business in the generational change
  • Patent box regime and Italy’s tax and financial measures aimed at encouraging business investment in research and development: a special tax benefit allowing reduced taxation for income derived from the direct use or licence of intellectual property (‘IP’) assets by companies and commercial entities which perform R&D activities
  • Super- and Iper-depreciation provisions. The Super-depreciation for investments in new tangible assets has been extended up to December 31, 2017; the purchase cost for investments in new tangible assets is notionally increased by 40% for the determination of tax depreciation for corporate income tax purposes (i.e. IRES). The benefit can also be applicable to some investments made by June 30, 2018, provided that by December 31, 2017. The Iper-depreciation is a notional increase of 150% for the determination of tax depreciation for corporate income tax purposes for investments in hi-tech, cloud, ultra-broad band, industrial robotics, digital manufacturing, IT security, etc.

New instruments that encourage the technological transformation and digitalization processes, so important for multinationals but also for small medium enterprises.

Brescia is the only European province super specialized in the industrial sector with an industrial value of over 10 billion Euros.

Brescia boasts of being the capital of the industrialization in Europe, since it is the only European province which is both super specialized in the secondary sector and has reached an industrial value of over 10 billion Euros, preceding in this way very important German towns such as Wolsburg, the mega province/town of Volkswagen.

In the research it deals moreover with a record held by Brescia, concerning the number of people working in the industrial sector (167,700 workers). Brescia is followed by 7 Italian provinces: Vicenza, Bergamo, Treviso, Modena, Monza e Brianza, Varese, Reggio Emilia. The first German province in the rankings is Märkischer Kreis, at no. 9 (81.500 workers).



  • 8.668 companies (58,4% in manufacturing)
  • 468 metallurgical industries  –  4.209 metal products  –  3.113 equipment
  • 100.441 employees (68,1% in manufacturing)
  • 23,1 billion turnover
  • 11,2 billion in export