Andersen Global Marks Growth to 50 Countries with Collaborating Firm in Zambia

Andersen Global announced it achieved a new milestone today in its continuing growth with the addition of Mulenga Mundashi Kasonde Legal Practitioners (MMKLP). MMKLP, a law firm in Zambia, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Andersen Global. The international association now has presence in 50 countries through its member and collaborating firms.

Led by five partners, MMKLP has been advising clients in corporate mergers and acquisitions, tax, litigation, and labor and industrial resolutions since 1999. The firm is now one of the largest law firms in Zambia in its twentieth year. The collaborating firm will be the eleventh location in Africa for Andersen Global.

“We’ve had the opportunity to advise on some of the highest profile financial events for Zambia in modern history,” said Micheal Mundashi, MMKLP Managing Partner. “One of the things that keeps us moving forward is the desire to provide even more for our local and international clients. Collaborating with Andersen Global will allow us to provide that next level of deep local expertise in every region of the world.”

The addition of MMKLP brings the number of countries with a legal presence through the member and collaborating firms of Andersen Global to 41.

“The 50 country mark is a significant one for our global organization and all the Partners who work so hard to build the kind of association that everyone wants to be a part of,” said Mark Vorsatz, Andersen Global Chairman and Andersen LLC CEO. “The fact that we are able to expand our legal services to touch over 40 countries across five continents allows us to really offer comprehensive business solutions on a global scale. Michael and the professionals at MMK share our values of seamless service and transparency, and I look forward to adding them to our team.”