New partners join the team and the integration of the FAR firm

As of December 1, 2021, Michela Mazzoleni, Paola Finetto and Giovanni Pietramala officially join Andersen's Italian group as partners. Formalized the merger with the FAR consulting firm.

We are pleased to announce the entry of an equity partner – Michela Mazzoleni – and two salary partners – Paola Finetto and Giovanni Pietramala – to integrate our professional capabilities.

“The capabilities and human qualities of Michela, Paola and Giovanni – says Andrea De Vecchi, CEO of Andersen and co-Managing Partner of Europe for Andersen Global – reflect the core values of Andersen Global. This integration is a reinforcement of our skills in the third sector and in the field of data protection and cyber security“.

Michela Mazzoleni and Giovanni Pietramala

As of December 1, 2021, the team of the administrative, tax and accounting consulting firm FAR Srl, led by Michela Mazzoleni and Giovanni Pietramala, will formally join Andersen professionals. Andersen’s collaboration with FAR had already started. Now the two legal entities officially merge into each other to become one and FAR takes the official name of Andersen.

Michela Mazzoleni, chartered accountant who also assumes the role of coordinator of the Tax Compliance division, deals mainly with corporate, administrative and tax consulting for national and international clients. She has extensive experience with non-profit organizations – recognized and non-recognized associations, foundations, non-commercial entities, etc.. – operating in different sectors. He also participates in interdisciplinary and intersectoral working groups for the collection of funding through EU calls for proposals aimed at supporting and developing business initiatives with a particular focus on technological innovation.

Giovanni Pietramala is a chartered accountant with expertise in taxation, accounting and administration. He assists national corporate groups and holding companies, following the aspects related to compliance and the preparation of annual financial statements. He also carries out accounting diligence, company evaluations and extraordinary transactions.

Paola Finetto

Lawyer Paola Finetto, expert in data protection and cyber security, has gained significant experience in corporate compliance and, in particular, in the area of administrative liability of entities for crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. She also deals with the preparation and implementation of organizational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and procedures for data protection, as well as for the prevention and management of cyber threats. Mrs. Finetto is also Data Protection Officer, Chairman and member of Supervisory Boards, also in Austrian and German companies.