The service line offers consultancy on all aspects of labour law for each type of activity and contract, provides analysis and interpretation of case law and assesses its impact on the work environment and staff policies.

It advises the client in drafting the documentation relating to employment relationships to protect employer and employee rights (contracts, insurance policies, obligations, confidentiality and IP protection clauses, etc.).

Our professionals provide total coverage, litigation-wise, on all legal aspects concerning employment, including complaints, legal action for breach of contract, and implementation of restrictions and confidentiality protection.

The Labour service line supports the other teams at the Firm on employment-related aspects for extraordinary business transactions (required industrial relations, labour due diligence drafting) and lends its support in restructuring and change management processes (including planning and carrying out collective redundancies, amending terms and conditions, negotiating collective bargaining agreements).


The European Employment and Labor working team has drawn up practical guides to support employers and workers in different European countries:

  • Here you can read the newsletters on the Covid-19 vaccine and certificates required by different countries
  • More details here on measures to support employers after the Covid-19 emergency
  • To help companies find their way through the maze of European telework regulations, the practical guide that provides employers with important information on the introduction and implementation of telework in individual European countries. At this link, you can consult and download the telework guide with any regulatory updates in the coming months.