Following the introduction of the new Code of Financial Crisis and Insolvency (C.C.I.), which will come into force on 15 August 2020, as well as red-flag procedures with ensuing reward measures for the timely escalation of the crisis aimed at curtailing financial hardship and ensuring recovery, the service line aims, through a scientific and step-by-step approach, to advise the entrepreneur in the pre-crisis phase (whether economic, asset-wise or financial), recommending the best solutions to deal with and intervening through turnaround processes and extraordinary transactions.

In the event of palpable yet reversible distress, our professionals are able to provide assistance in accessing one of the procedures provided for under the Insolvency Law in force, such as recovery plans, restructuring agreements, arrangements with creditors (known as secondary procedures) aimed at salvaging businesses and making businesses in distress profitable again.

The Restructuring team is able to advise the entrepreneur for winding-up the company without becoming insolvent or in managing insolvency, should it become necessary to access bankruptcy proceedings or an arrangement with creditors.