Micaela Cristinzio

Micaela is an expert in consulting and assistance in National Tax and in Corporate Tax, and in preparation of financial statements, in the preparation of Tax Returns for Companies (Capital and Individuals), for Individual firms, Individuals and Professionals. (Tax Returns, Vat Returns, Financial Statementes, Imu).

She has acquired experience  as a Tax Consultant in the Corporate field also through support for extraordinary transactions that have affected the firm’s clients (mergers, demergers, transformation, etc.).

She assisted the Firm’s Parnters and Taxe Manager during the due diligence activities.

She also gained experience as a Statutory Auditor of local authorities in municipalities with a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants.

Education: Ma in Business Administration, University of Turin

Languages: English, French, Italian

Role: Manager

Qualification: Chartered Accountant and Auditor

Email: Micaela.cristinzio@it.Andersen.com

Office: Turin