Corporate Governance in Unlisted Companies. Event in collaboration with Elite

Andersen organized a meeting dedicated to Corporate Governance in unlisted companies. It was attended by Vincenzo Russi, president, and CEO of e-Novia, an Italian company specializing in the conception and production of innovative technologies for sustainable mobility, and Roberto De Miranda, a member of the executive committee of the ORI Martin Group, which specializes in the production of high-quality steel products for the automotive and mechanical industries.

Corporate Governance is crucial today for companies of all sizes. It provides SMEs with the structure they need to position themselves competitively in the market and prepare for the challenges they will encounter as they grow. Its principles implementation makes roles and decision-making processes clearer, enables the successful definition of business strategies, internal processes monitoring, and allows an active approach to the outside world to be maintained. In addition, it is of fundamental importance for the processes of internationalization and generational handover, which are often critical moments for small businesses.

The event was held in collaboration with ELITE, a reality part of the Euronext Group that helps small and medium-sized companies grow and access private and public capital markets. Marta Testi, CEO of the platform, has attended the panel.

The experience of e-Novia and ORI Martin

Andersen professionals Andrea Menni, head of the Corporate Governance department, and Sandro Catani spoke with guests to explore how the value of corporate governance unites seemingly very different realities.

For e-Novia, founded in 2012, which features highly innovative products, devising and applying a clear corporate organizational strategy has been crucial from day one. Indeed, it is the starting point for gaining visibility with investors and attracting talent. Governance bodies are critical to financial management, which must maintain daily confrontation with all company areas.

Throughout its history, ORI Martin, a family-owned steel mill founded in 1933, has put the principles of Corporate Governance into practice to enable each body to focus on its areas of expertise and to constitute a balance between stakeholders, management, and management. In this way, it has maintained a steady view on the medium and long term by making itself attractive in the market even in the face of difficulties inherent in business dynamics.